My, How They Love One Another

Are we Kicking Grandma to the Curb? For a number of reasons, I have a real problem with what this post (and the quoted article/news story) say.  Not because it isn’t true, but because it is.  I don’t think that nursing homes are an ideal situation, that’s for sure, but am I capable of taking… Continue reading My, How They Love One Another

What Happens When The Emerging Church Holds Up A Mirror To The Established Church

Brian Mclaren recently addressed the 2008 Lambeth Conference (see Wikipedia), and while he does not (despite media opinion to the contrary) represent the entirety (one could question even a significant minority) of the MEECM, it is often worthwhile to hear what he has to say. In the article above, there are a couple of quotes… Continue reading What Happens When The Emerging Church Holds Up A Mirror To The Established Church

The True Christian Family?

In today’s Daily Reflection, Mark Roberts talks about Matthew 12:50 using some very strong language. “Anyone who does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother!” Matthew 12:50 He points out that this applies even to “Christian” families, or very specifically to Christians.  Despite “Christian” “family values,” it is… Continue reading The True Christian Family?

Rediscovering Sabbath Rest

In Rediscovering Sabbath Rest, Mark Early brings further attention to the “Secular Sabbath” that seems to be gaining steam in the secular world. As I mentioned in What? Me, Unplug?, I know I should try this myself. I’m always plugged in, even on Sunday. I remember years ago hearing about how even non-devout Christian families… Continue reading Rediscovering Sabbath Rest

What? Me, Unplug?

A great blog post by brought these three articles to my attention: Less Television and Computer Gaming May Keep Children Slimmer. Granted, this is kind of a “duh,” however, the reason may not be what you think. An Email Free Day I Need a Virtual Break, No, Really. What I find interesting in the last… Continue reading What? Me, Unplug? – Telephones and What is Good for Us

In Telephones and What is Good for Us, Randy Cooper writes about the Amish. My big takeaway was this: It took all summer for them to decide whether they would have phones. They finally decided against it. And they had two reasons. First, they knew that if they began to use telephones, they would carry… Continue reading – Telephones and What is Good for Us

Atheism and Violence

Father Edward T. Oakes has written an awesome piece on the First Things blog, Atheism and Violence. It is a long hard read, but very worthwhile. This addresses a number of posts I’ve made, most recently in The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost, and should, I think address Allen’s point in his comment on… Continue reading Atheism and Violence