What? Me, Unplug?

A great blog post by brought these three articles to my attention: Less Television and Computer Gaming May Keep Children Slimmer. Granted, this is kind of a “duh,” however, the reason may not be what you think. An Email Free Day I Need a Virtual Break, No, Really. What I find interesting in the last… Continue reading What? Me, Unplug?

Log Into Another Session On Terminal Server

I log into my computer at work (I am blessed to be telecommuting 3+ days a week) using Remote Desktop Connection. During various internet burps, or other connection issues, I’ve ended up reconnecting to the server using another session, meaning all the stuff I was working on is inaccessible. I discovered this by accident. I’m… Continue reading Log Into Another Session On Terminal Server

The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

It is SO much MORE! Michael Wesch of Kansas State University created a little video, Information R/evolution, that is spreading through out the web. The phrase “information superhighway” should be tossed out, for as Mr. Wesch points out, the information is not, and must not be, so constrained. hattip to: Duncan Riley @ TechCrunch/span> Plus,… Continue reading The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

The Computing Cocoon

In Are Computers Causing us to “Cocoon” Ourselves?, WXPNews editor Deb Shinder questions as to whether we are really cocooning ourselves, and whether its really bad. I think she makes, not intentionally, another point in my Technological Enervation zeitgeist, our rationalization and justification

Silence Versus Distraction

In here, Mr. Garibaldi, you cannot hide from yourself. Everything out there has only one purpose, to distract us from ourselves, from what is truly important. There are no distractions in here. You can learn much from silence. Citizen G’kar“Messages From Earth” Babylon 5, Season 3 Have you ever heard, “We’re too busy”? Have you… Continue reading Silence Versus Distraction