Public Privacy

It’s not that I have something to hide; I just have nothing I want you to see. The Girl (played by Amanda Seyfried) in the movie Anon Privacy is a nebulous topic. The so-called Constitutional “privacy” of the United States is far more fluid than most people will acknowledge. In fact, based upon recent cultural… Continue reading Public Privacy

A Nazarene Movement

I wonder if it is time to dispense with the work "denomination". As a member of the Church of the Nazarene, and gladly so, I see what is called a denomination as something more akin to a movement. I’m sure there are plenty of people who immediately shudder at the use of the word "movement",… Continue reading A Nazarene Movement

The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been annoyed lately (not always a good thing before writing a post). Probably centered around the Fourth of July (the formal U.S.A. Independence Day), there is always a spate of articles about the U.S.A. being founded on Christian principles, which is somewhat true. Then there is the argument over whether Thomas Jefferson was a… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

What Do You See When You Look At…

With the celebration of the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr,  we see where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is used to bolster movements and causes that he did not specifically speak on. For example, in Raleigh-Durham, NC, a gay rights activist is torqued that a pastor who preaches a historical understanding of the… Continue reading What Do You See When You Look At…

Natural Disasters and Hell

No, I’m not talking about Pat Robertson’s latest “wisdom”. What I am talking about is human nature. Specifically, I am talking about the all too human nature of Christians, especially “Western” “Civilization” Christians. I do not decry anyone that seeks to give to help that nation. We did. In fact, I believe it is part… Continue reading Natural Disasters and Hell

Even Religious People Have Different Views?

Shocking! (sarcasm) Surveys: U.S. Religious Activists Have ‘Widely Divergent’ Views As much as I like some of the content on, today we have another article (see this post for another) which is too vague to be useful, other than to draw gross conclusions that can only be divisive, rather than edifying. I really hate… Continue reading Even Religious People Have Different Views?

All Mixed: Culture and Religion

Critics have variously argued that Hebrew language charter schools impermissibly erode church-state boundaries, potentially balkanize Jews from the rest of society, and create a false dichotomy between Jewish religion and culture.   “The idea here is to strengthen Jewish identity, but you can’t do it in an open way because you run afoul of the law,”… Continue reading All Mixed: Culture and Religion