• Send and Receive
    June was LGBTQ+ Pride Month. This is and isn’t about that in particular, but about all the signals around it. Virtue Signaling In more “conservative” (but perhaps more accurate, reactionary) circles, virtue signaling is a pejoritive phrase regarding what people in such circles see as “liberal” or “progressive” iconography or wording that supports non-conservative/reactionary ideologies/practices.… Continue reading Send and Receive
  • A New MAGA
    By this point, almost any aware person will tie MAGA to Donald Trump. MAGA is the acronym for Make America Great Again. The problem with that slogan is who defines what makes America (in particular, the United States of America) great. At this point, is it anything? Two recent articles, The Hill‘s Do Americans hate… Continue reading A New MAGA
  • Against Institutions
    I’m trying to read outside my silo, which looks at me and my belief structures a lot. I finally downloaded the substack app the other day, and Robert Reich was proposed to follow. So, I read his article The Dangerous Anti-Democracy Coalition. Reich brings up a lot of concerning issues. Thiel, Musk, and so on… Continue reading Against Institutions
  • Progressive Suffering
    I started reading James Farwell’s, This is the Night: Suffering, Salvation, and the Liturgies of the Holy Week, and I came across this quote: Some social theorists, historians of philosophy, and theologians argue that the narrative structure of the modern myth of “progress,”—the structure of the “idealist diamond” that reduces suffering to a concept—was bequeathed… Continue reading Progressive Suffering
  • Losing Faith In God?
    I saw this billboard the other day. There was a phone number that went along with it. I’m sure they’ve received some calls about it, and I pray that they have been successful in helping people remain in the faith. However, that a Christian organization felt the need to put this up is disturbing, not… Continue reading Losing Faith In God?
July 2024