Even Religious People Have Different Views?

Shocking! (sarcasm) Surveys: U.S. Religious Activists Have ‘Widely Divergent’ Views As much as I like some of the content on ChristianPost.com, today we have another article (see this post for another) which is too vague to be useful, other than to draw gross conclusions that can only be divisive, rather than edifying. I really hate… Continue reading Even Religious People Have Different Views?

A Quip On A Manufactured Collapse

Michael Novak’s theory regarding Western democratic capitalism can be summerized as a three-legged stool with the legs being, political freedom, economic freedom, and moral restraint. We are witnessing the after effects of the complete removal of moral restraint.  Political and economic freedoms have been curtailed for the last 20 years or so, but they are… Continue reading A Quip On A Manufactured Collapse

My, How They Love One Another

Are we Kicking Grandma to the Curb? For a number of reasons, I have a real problem with what this post (and the quoted article/news story) say.  Not because it isn’t true, but because it is.  I don’t think that nursing homes are an ideal situation, that’s for sure, but am I capable of taking… Continue reading My, How They Love One Another

Lean Solves Everything

Okay, not really, but it sure applies to things I haven’t thought of. The company I work for is an enthusiastic applier of lean thinking methodology, and so I’ve tried to keep an eye on the thought process, and the ideas of those who have implemented it, or help others implement it. Kevin Meyer at… Continue reading Lean Solves Everything

A Take on Generosity

A politician, like you and me, can be generous only with his own money. A politician spending other people’s money is, at best, implementing sound policies – and, more realistically, much closer to a burglar who “generously” uses part of his booty to buy rounds of drinks for his buddies. Cafe Hayek: Who’s Generous? Don… Continue reading A Take on Generosity