Send and Receive

Image by Aukid via YayImages. Royalty Free and Extended License as of 3 July 2024.

June was LGBTQ+ Pride Month. This is and isn’t about that in particular, but about all the signals around it. Virtue Signaling In more “conservative” (but perhaps more accurate, reactionary) circles, virtue signaling is a pejoritive phrase regarding what people in such circles see as “liberal” or “progressive” iconography or wording that supports non-conservative/reactionary ideologies/practices.… Continue reading Send and Receive

Even Religious People Have Different Views?

Shocking! (sarcasm) Surveys: U.S. Religious Activists Have ‘Widely Divergent’ Views As much as I like some of the content on, today we have another article (see this post for another) which is too vague to be useful, other than to draw gross conclusions that can only be divisive, rather than edifying. I really hate… Continue reading Even Religious People Have Different Views?

What? Me, Unplug?

A great blog post by brought these three articles to my attention: Less Television and Computer Gaming May Keep Children Slimmer. Granted, this is kind of a “duh,” however, the reason may not be what you think. An Email Free Day I Need a Virtual Break, No, Really. What I find interesting in the last… Continue reading What? Me, Unplug?

The Dollar is Falling! The Dollar is Falling!

In Me and Ron Paul, I knocked some of the historical basis for the assault on the Federal Banking System. While I still believe that a central system does need to exist, Thomas Breton’s article, Chickens Are Returning to the Roost, may cause me to modify my perspective somewhat. While I still believe that basing… Continue reading The Dollar is Falling! The Dollar is Falling!