On the MSM

Despite what you might think from reading my blog, I don’t want the mainstream media to fade away. I think the MSM thinks of itself as the “fourth branch of government,” thus, like many bureaucracies, is unable to change quickly. That is a major problem in the internet age, where 1 year is a very… Continue reading On the MSM

Who are you, really?

This is not a rhetorical or philosophical question, but an internet question. One of the greatest things about the internet is its basic anonymity. The greatest weakness of the internet is its basic anonymity. Don’t misunderstand me, the internet is not even closely anonymous as many perceive it to be. I recently received an email… Continue reading Who are you, really?

The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

It is SO much MORE! Michael Wesch of Kansas State University created a little video, Information R/evolution, that is spreading through out the web. The phrase “information superhighway” should be tossed out, for as Mr. Wesch points out, the information is not, and must not be, so constrained. hattip to: Duncan Riley @ TechCrunch/span> Plus,… Continue reading The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

Me and Ron Paul

This Ron Paul closing speech was recently posted at Right Mind (Religious Right Boos Ron Paul). I tried to post my entire response to Ron Paul’s speech there, but I guess I wrote too much. Anyways, here is my opinion on the matter. While I agree with Ron Paul’s sentiments regarding limited government, I would… Continue reading Me and Ron Paul

How Not to Make a Cleaner Environment

This was slashdotted today, and I can see why: Dirty Secret—Green Cars Automakers Won’t Sell You (Archived Copy) Not only can’t you buy one, but the government says it’s currently illegal for automakers to sell these green cars outside of the special states. Under terms of the Clean Air Act—in the kind of delicious irony… Continue reading How Not to Make a Cleaner Environment

Invading Corporate America

Brian E. Volck, in his post Are You Being Served? (no longer available), states: As John Sayles’ role in the movie Matewan suggests, big businesses have used clergy as cheerleaders before, but this news item from The Economist hints at something worse. The article: Praying for Gain: A fad for piety infiltrates the realm of… Continue reading Invading Corporate America

Discernment Needed. Desparately. NOW!

I have no problem believing that there are artificial and manipulated “miracles,” any more than I have believing in genuine miracles and other supernatural phenomena. In the same way, I believe in the existence of fallen angels, demonization, and exorcism as much as I believe that there are some mental and psychological disorders that should… Continue reading Discernment Needed. Desparately. NOW!

The Aid That Kills

There are a couple of interesting pieces on Der Spiegle’s website about aid to Africa, and how it is not helping at all. In fact, the two pieces discuss how blind compassion is actually hurting, not helping, Africa. Even I, who some would (wrongly) call a right-wing wacko, took pause at what these articles suggest.… Continue reading The Aid That Kills