#Purple for Royalty

St Mark's Church, Pensnett, Dudley, UK

Not #Red. Not #Blue. #Purple for royalty. I, like much of the country, am grieving. However, it is not about the election result that I am grieving, but people’s responses to it. I am particularly saddened by people of the church, and truly devastated by the people who provide spiritual leadership in the church…the pastors.… Continue reading #Purple for Royalty

Definitions Impact Understanding

The horrible killing of Nazimuddin Samad is a crime in and of itself. As I read the reporting of it, however, I saw that there were definitely different pictures of the incident, of Nazimuddin Samad himself, and the world. Aljazeera described his comments as pro-atheist, while also calling him a secularist. Aljazeera quoted Imran Sarker… Continue reading Definitions Impact Understanding

The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve been annoyed lately (not always a good thing before writing a post). Probably centered around the Fourth of July (the formal U.S.A. Independence Day), there is always a spate of articles about the U.S.A. being founded on Christian principles, which is somewhat true. Then there is the argument over whether Thomas Jefferson was a… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

The Key is the Response to Community, part 2

(Please read part 1 first) So, what light can this shine on our lives? Many things bind us together, some are voluntary, some are not. In the case of religion (or faith if the word “religion” bothers you), we do things together to (re)affirm our community. Circumcision was the earliest (and physically experienced) Jewish rite… Continue reading The Key is the Response to Community, part 2

What Do You See When You Look At…

With the celebration of the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr,  we see where Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is used to bolster movements and causes that he did not specifically speak on. For example, in Raleigh-Durham, NC, a gay rights activist is torqued that a pastor who preaches a historical understanding of the… Continue reading What Do You See When You Look At…