Do Christians Believe in Redemption (i.e., a new creation) or Not?

I saw this headline, Ky. Church Ordains Registered Sex Offender, a few days ago, and was finally able to read it. And, I finally decided to actually post something on my blog, rather than twitter. I have to say this brief article causes me no small amount of anguish. I cannot imagine what both the… Continue reading Do Christians Believe in Redemption (i.e., a new creation) or Not?

Captive to Government?

Is it just me, or does this whole situation smell oddly of Peter’s rebuke of Simon Magus? It’s sad to think that Kingdom business is held captive to bottom lines held captive to government rules held captive to pagan legislators and policy-makers held captive to the father of lies. I wonder how many other ways we allow ourselves to remain captive to the world because of some perceived benefit?

We Lost The Message Somewhere

I was not going to write of politics in my blog, but after reading of Paul’s optimism in Philippians, I feel the need to.

Much of Obama’s appeal, besides the usual political can’t-nail-them-to-the-wall or hold-them-to-their-promises (regardless of political party), is that he has packaged the concept of hope well. Obama’s success should be a wake up to the church, not because of his politics, but because he’s repackage the quintessential Christian message―hope.

A Quip On A Manufactured Collapse

Michael Novak’s theory regarding Western democratic capitalism can be summerized as a three-legged stool with the legs being, political freedom, economic freedom, and moral restraint. We are witnessing the after effects of the complete removal of moral restraint.  Political and economic freedoms have been curtailed for the last 20 years or so, but they are… Continue reading A Quip On A Manufactured Collapse

Camille Paglia and Sarah Palin: Need I Say More?

Camille Paglia, on, wrote an interesting opinion column regarding Sarah Palin. I’ve been doing my best to avoid the silly season of an election year, but this column had too much good stuff to ignore just because it included Sarah Palin (which was actually a detraction, because I really don’t want to talk politics).… Continue reading Camille Paglia and Sarah Palin: Need I Say More?

Thinking/Posing/Contemplating, Not Just Reacting

In this election cycle, talk about an emerging evangelical political center abounds. Much of the discussion is about how conservative and liberal Christians can work together to realize Christ-commanded essentials and their corollaries: care for the poor, for example, and its extensions regarding access, justice, and health care. THEOOZE – Articles: Viewing Article

My, How They Love One Another

Are we Kicking Grandma to the Curb? For a number of reasons, I have a real problem with what this post (and the quoted article/news story) say.  Not because it isn’t true, but because it is.  I don’t think that nursing homes are an ideal situation, that’s for sure, but am I capable of taking… Continue reading My, How They Love One Another

What Is Speaking The Truth In Love?

Keith Giles, over at subversive1, seems to have had an interesting experience regarding a person shutting down the conversation (or the comments) that challenged this individual’s theology/teaching. Keith states that he rarely, if ever, does this kind of public revealing (and I believe him. I just wanted to put that out there), however, he felt… Continue reading What Is Speaking The Truth In Love?

The Form of the Future

When I’m operating under restrictions, I definitely feel constrained by them, but without those restraints, it doesn’t seem as if I my actions are actually accomplishing anything. …the Net truly is vast and infinite. Who knows, maybe a new society we’ve never even dreamed of is already being born I greatly enjoy Japanese anime. There… Continue reading The Form of the Future

A Take on Generosity

A politician, like you and me, can be generous only with his own money. A politician spending other people’s money is, at best, implementing sound policies – and, more realistically, much closer to a burglar who “generously” uses part of his booty to buy rounds of drinks for his buddies. Cafe Hayek: Who’s Generous? Don… Continue reading A Take on Generosity