What Happens When The Emerging Church Holds Up A Mirror To The Established Church

Brian Mclaren recently addressed the 2008 Lambeth Conference (see Wikipedia), and while he does not (despite media opinion to the contrary) represent the entirety (one could question even a significant minority) of the MEECM, it is often worthwhile to hear what he has to say. In the article above, there are a couple of quotes… Continue reading What Happens When The Emerging Church Holds Up A Mirror To The Established Church

Why Fix It When You Can Get a New One?

New Churches Needed to Combat ‘Evangelistic Deficit’ in U.S. displays the epitome of the American consumer culture. Why fix, help, change, or repair something if it’s easier (and/or cheaper) to get a new one?

Dry Facts Do Not Explain Everything

In ‘Living Together’ Before Marriage a Statistical Risk, it is rightfully argued that doing so is significantly more likely to not lead to a strong and lasting marriage. While that is statistically correct (and I am opening my heart and life to the web here, not the most comfortable thing), it isn’t 100% correct. My… Continue reading Dry Facts Do Not Explain Everything

Bearing the Silence of God

In Bearing the Silence of God, Ziya Meral talks about the spiritual state of believers in the midst of persecution. Specifically, he speaks in regards to persecution by Muslims, but this goes on around the world, even in “Christian” nations. What amazes me is how similar his feelings seem to be to Mother Teresa’s.

Rediscovering Sabbath Rest

In Rediscovering Sabbath Rest, Mark Early brings further attention to the “Secular Sabbath” that seems to be gaining steam in the secular world. As I mentioned in What? Me, Unplug?, I know I should try this myself. I’m always plugged in, even on Sunday. I remember years ago hearing about how even non-devout Christian families… Continue reading Rediscovering Sabbath Rest


Yes, it is not very Christian to want something, but COME ON…5 horsepower to go 60mph! hattip: Flixxy

Economist ≠ Socialogist

In his post, Why data matters, on the Official Google Blog, Hal Varian writes about the “wisdom of the crowds.” Mr. Varian needs to check the Google Zeitgeist. The wisdom of the crowds? Sounds like the wisdom of the mob (not the Mob).