What? Me, Unplug?

A great blog post by brought these three articles to my attention: Less Television and Computer Gaming May Keep Children Slimmer. Granted, this is kind of a “duh,” however, the reason may not be what you think. An Email Free Day I Need a Virtual Break, No, Really. What I find interesting in the last… Continue reading What? Me, Unplug?

ekklesiaproject.org – Telephones and What is Good for Us

In Telephones and What is Good for Us, Randy Cooper writes about the Amish. My big takeaway was this: It took all summer for them to decide whether they would have phones. They finally decided against it. And they had two reasons. First, they knew that if they began to use telephones, they would carry… Continue reading ekklesiaproject.org – Telephones and What is Good for Us

It’s Not Just The Americans, Then?

The Archbishop of Canterbury, as I’m sure many are aware, has declared that Sharia law should be officially endorsed in England. Unofficially it is endorsed, but by being officially endorsed there is a huge potential for disaster. However, regardless of the lawful/lawlessness that would result, the fact that the man who is, for all intensive… Continue reading It’s Not Just The Americans, Then?

A Take on Generosity

A politician, like you and me, can be generous only with his own money. A politician spending other people’s money is, at best, implementing sound policies – and, more realistically, much closer to a burglar who “generously” uses part of his booty to buy rounds of drinks for his buddies. Cafe Hayek: Who’s Generous? Don… Continue reading A Take on Generosity

Atheism and Violence

Father Edward T. Oakes has written an awesome piece on the First Things blog, Atheism and Violence. It is a long hard read, but very worthwhile. This addresses a number of posts I’ve made, most recently in The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost, and should, I think address Allen’s point in his comment on… Continue reading Atheism and Violence

What DO We Believe?

…most Christians do not understand what they believe, why they believe it, and why it matters. How can a Christianity that is not understood be practiced? Unity in Diversity Chuck Colson, no matter how you may feel about him and his past, has made an excellent point here. This goes directly toward the heart of… Continue reading What DO We Believe?

The Divide Between “Mainline” and “Evangelical” Needs to be Bridged

Rick Warren often strikes me as a tad shallow. However, I am beginning to understand his point of view, somewhat. In this interview in Christian Today, he speaks about how the split in perspective between the two churches has hurt both, and by default the mission of Christ. This dovetails nicely into a little cartoon… Continue reading The Divide Between “Mainline” and “Evangelical” Needs to be Bridged