In Podcast 83, Carey Nieuwhoff interviewed Ravi Zacharias, who drew a parallel between pornography and suicide. Zacharias spoke of his recent experience counseling college students during the Passion Conference (starting at 22:55 and paraphrased), where the majority came two talk about two topics: pornography and suicide. He called pornography the “denuding of the other person”… Continue reading Devalued

Isolation Versus Introversion

When reading my “assigned” bible reading the other day, I came across this passage: Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment. Proverbs 18:1 (ESV) My first thought was, “wait a minute, I’m not seeking my own desire!” In truth, however, I am. My desire to maintain my sanity.… Continue reading Isolation Versus Introversion

Bearing the Silence of God

In Bearing the Silence of God, Ziya Meral talks about the spiritual state of believers in the midst of persecution. Specifically, he speaks in regards to persecution by Muslims, but this goes on around the world, even in “Christian” nations. What amazes me is how similar his feelings seem to be to Mother Teresa’s.

Look At All the Depressed People

If you look around at the stories that are there, you will see an increase in depression, an increase in suicide. As technology integrates further into our lives, I wonder how much more will happen. As much as the mainstream media and those of the ideoloigical left and extreme right like to malign religion, I… Continue reading Look At All the Depressed People

New Terminology: Technological Enervation

I’ve decided that I needed to come up with a new phrase to describe the issues I see with technology and its effect upon people, and by default, society. I’m not sure how to even define it, yet. I’ve gone back and tagged/categorized older articles, in addition to newer articles as they come up. In… Continue reading New Terminology: Technological Enervation