Technology, Humanity, Control (Maybe the Luddites are right)

A survey sponsored by MTV provides some very interesting tidbits regarding the endangered psyche of a technology-savy generation. Even though I found the comment on religion interesting, it just seemed to be tossed in there, and didn’t add to the main thrust of the story. On top of that, an article in Christianity Today discusses… Continue reading Technology, Humanity, Control (Maybe the Luddites are right)

Faith and Depression

The first thing that needs to be covered, even before covering depression, is faith. One of the first misteps is confusing happiness with Christian Joy. Happines is, as a great many people throughout history have observed, short-lived. As defined in this series of posts, happiness must be short-lived. It is a human pursuit (the United… Continue reading Faith and Depression

What and Wherefore

How can someone who has the knowledge that they have been saved in Christ be depressed? Faith is the key. Having faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins is easy, in comparison to living the life that displays that faith. Someone who hasn”t survived depression cannot fathom it. Too many people confuse this with… Continue reading What and Wherefore