Suicidal Christian—An Oxymoron?

If you read In The Darkness, A Light Shines, you might guess that the topic of suicide is a serious concern of mine. C. Michael Patton, on his blog Parchment & Pen, provides a response to a letter that discusses Those who commit suicide cannot be Christian . . .

I think (but have no proof) that the whole person who commits suicide goes to Hell was started by the Roman Catholic Church. For personal reasons (other than about me), this has caused me a lot of concern. Does this ease my concern? Somewhat, along with a sermon I heard a few years back, but there is still that thought in the back of my mind…

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  1. The other “forbidden” act that has always puzzled me was that of cremation. I was taught (within the Baptist tradition, no less) that being cremated made it impossible or at least really difficult to reconstitute the body at the Rapture. Even as a boy I thought that was crazy. God created the universe out of nothing, spoke the world into existence and you’re telling me that, at the end of time, he can’t figure out which atoms were mine?

    No one liked being my Sunday School teacher.

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