While Impactful, Still Missing The Mark

Cleaning Up La Oroya, an article online at Christianity Today, reports on the team activities of a La Oroya, Peru, based ministry, and an Ohio based ministry, and their pursuit of cleaning up the contamination originating from a local smelter. Members of the ministries mention how they put pressure on the government of Peru, which… Continue reading While Impactful, Still Missing The Mark

Misunderstanding Capitalism and Business

I read this this morning (read the entire article): There’s a stereotypical assumption among Christians in the nonprofit world that capitalism means greed or selfishness, and “therefore has got to be bad,” says Nash, founder and managing partner of Piper Cove Asset Management LLC. Using goals to measure progress—standard practice in the business world—is seen… Continue reading Misunderstanding Capitalism and Business

New Terminology: Technological Enervation

I’ve decided that I needed to come up with a new phrase to describe the issues I see with technology and its effect upon people, and by default, society. I’m not sure how to even define it, yet. I’ve gone back and tagged/categorized older articles, in addition to newer articles as they come up. In… Continue reading New Terminology: Technological Enervation