Lean Solves Everything

Okay, not really, but it sure applies to things I haven’t thought of. The company I work for is an enthusiastic applier of lean thinking methodology, and so I’ve tried to keep an eye on the thought process, and the ideas of those who have implemented it, or help others implement it. Kevin Meyer at Evolving Excellence posted A Lean Approach to Poverty, which discusses more efficient (and seemingly efffective) ways to end poverty—other than a new government (or NGO) program.

I haven’t been sold on the emerging church movement, not that they don’t have a few things going for them, but that have forced the “established” church to reevaluate itself, which is a good thing. Another area where the church may reevaluate itself is its world poverty programs. While this may not be ideal, at the same time, in many ways it might be better than the short term mission trips.