Log Into Another Session On Terminal Server

I log into my computer at work (I am blessed to be telecommuting 3+ days a week) using Remote Desktop Connection. During various internet burps, or other connection issues, I’ve ended up reconnecting to the server using another session, meaning all the stuff I was working on is inaccessible. I discovered this by accident. I’m sure it’s somewhere posted on the internet, but as I was unable to find it using a number of search engines, I thought I put it out there.

Situation: connection to Terminal Server was lost. When reconnecting to Terminal Server, user is unable to connect to session already active.

Work Around:

Within new session

  1. Activate Task Manager
    1. If button is available (left) click on it
    2. Otherwise:
      1. Press and hold Windows key, and press “R” key, or
      2. (left) click “Start” button, (left) click “Run…”
      3. Run Dialog will open. Type “taskmgr”, and press Return/Enter key, or (left) click on “OK”
  2. Activate “User” tab in Task Manager
  3. Determine desired session
    1. Method 1: icon of person to the left of user name is black & white (current active session is color)
    2. Method 2: sessions are numbered, session with lower number will be the lost session.
  4. Right-click on user name/icon of desired session. A menu will pop-up, left-click on “connect”.
  5. Old session should now be active.
  6. Repeat steps 1-2, verify that newer session is not listed. If newer session is listed…
    1. Right-click on user name/icon. A menu will pop-up, left-click on “logoff”. Undesired session will now be completely shut-down (this is a good thing)
  7. Close Task Manager by left-clicking “X” button at the top-right of window, or select File»Exit.