Don’t Look at Me; Look At HIM

Lou Braun writes:

I have had some negative experiences with Christians as well, but what I have found liberating is not focusing on people who claim to follow Jesus, but rather look to follow Jesus myself. A lot of people hate religion, maybe even church, but I don’t know many who despise Jesus.

I don’t want to take away his thunder, so I recommend his note, especially in regards to “New Age” religions. He provides a perspective I hadn’t heard, at least in that way, before.

What caught my attention is something I have noted previously, people always look to people. Sadly, we Christians are not perfect. Some seem to imply that they are, but I think that is more a case of inference, rather than implication. All are sinners.

I am a poor reflection of God’s love and perfection. You want perfection? Look at Him.