The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

A bunch of drunk teenagers vandalized a site once inhabited by the American poet Robert Frost. In A Violation of Both Law and the Spirit, Dan Barry seems offended that these, for lack of a better word, punks didn’t show respect to history or elders. These punks are a direct result of a bunch of… Continue reading The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost

Shame Should Have Been Outweighed By Love

I may be a right-wing fanatic Christian to some. I may be a clueless emotional liberal Christian to others. The truth is that Jesus Christ loves us, not because of who we are, or what we’ve done, but because of who He is (paraphrased, “I Surrender All”, Newsboys). With the “traditional” family as the framework,… Continue reading Shame Should Have Been Outweighed By Love

Men and Marriage

Insurance companies are pushing hard for for peopl to take care of themselves with various wellness initiatives. For men, on of the biggest is marriage: Marriage Could Save Your Life hattip to:The Point Marriage is also good for the environment However, there are a few downsides. Mercifully, God has granted me a wonderful marriage to… Continue reading Men and Marriage

Choose: Red, White, and Blue OR Red Versus Blue

I freely acknowledge that for a certain branch of the family, I am the red sheep (not the black sheep) of the family. I also suspect that my faith in Jesus Christ plays a greater roll in my life than the lives of others in my family (this is neither red nor blue). That being… Continue reading Choose: Red, White, and Blue OR Red Versus Blue

Thank You, God!

God has provided blessings innumerable. Sin has brought curses to counter the blessings. Being thankful is being humble, which is probably why so few are thankful (that includes me). Thanksgiving Day in America – The Secret Riches of Thankfulness by Rev. Michael Bresciani ( archived copy )

My Anger Problem

Do I get angry? Yes! Is that a good thing? In retrospect, probably not. Should we encourage people to be angry? NO! (that’s not anger, that’s emphasis) Apparently, some well-meaning (hmm, something about a road…) Christian psychologists are saying it’s okay to be angry. Well, I suppose that in some situations it might be okay.… Continue reading My Anger Problem

Mothering from the middle

…this is not about politics, although I suppose it is. Betsy Hart has a reasonable view of being a mom, and her column today is well worth the read.archived copy