It can’t be the behavior!

An article floating around the web misses the true fact of the story (Hey, the AP and the UN have to keep their record consistent.) The United Nations in its anti-Christian tirade attacks the Roman Catholic church blaming them for opposing condoms. The problem is that the United Nations forgot to attack the REAL reason for the increasing number of A.I.D.S.—sex.

There are actually a couple of problems. The first is the prevalent view is that sex is always good between consenting individuals, regardless of age. The second is that we “can’t” say that it is bad, or at least the UN can’t. So, they attack the easy target that hasn’t fallen into their line. The Roman Catholic Church believes that (1) sex should not occur outside of marriage, (2) life begins at conception, (3) that a condom is mankind’s attempt to prevent God’s will, (4) the admonition to be fruitful and multiply, and I’m sure others. Since the Roman Catholic Church has some values that predate the UN, they must be too old-fashioned and must be destroyed.

It’s the behavior that is increasing the quantity of A.I.D.S., it’s not whether or not the Roman Catholic Church’s directive on condoms. By the way, the people who are using condoms (violating the directive under attack) are violating another directive against pre- and extra-marital sex. Hmm, I don’t think they care about the Roman Catholic Church’s feelings about condoms.

Oh, wait, that was logical thinking. Something that doesn’t prevail at the UN. So, I guess that’s a bid ol’ nevermind.