Why do I need to know who my mom is, anyways?

In Motherless in Maryland, James M. Thunder writes about a disturbing story where a child’s mother (plus, there are two potential mothers) will not be listed on her birth certificate, in fact, there will be no mother listed at all.

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  1. Hi. Me again. 🙂 Just waiting for my company to arrive from the West.

    Maryland’s law results from the twisted logic of the majority that would deprive children of a mother because that’s the way the adults wanted it.

    The ruling does not “deprive the children of a mother.” (Talk about twisted logic!) It was the father, the egg donor, and the surrogate who “deprived” the twins of a mother. It doesn’t sound like either woman is particularly interested in being their mother. That’s not the court’s fault, no matter what one thinks of the law “logic.”

    If I were one of the children, I would be concerned about having access to medical records for the purposes of knowing what diseases I might develop later on in life. If only I had known earlier about my mom’s “transformations” during a full moon, for instance. So many high school dates messed up!

    I know, I know… this was supposed to be a hit piece on the Maryland’s wacky equal rights laws and on the moral degradation of society in general. I completely agree that we need to get back to traditional values as a society — back to a time when wives were property and children were chattel. Good times! 🙂

    Speaking of children… nope, not yet.

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