Differing Views on Marriage Versus Importance

In the recent article Here Comes Wedding Season: How Consumers Will Pay for Others’ Big Day in 2016, the amount of money spent by people attending weddings as guests or wedding party members was predicted to increase significantly. The prevalent Christian meme is that secular society is demeaning or devaluing the institution of marriage, yet by… Continue reading Differing Views on Marriage Versus Importance

Men and Marriage

Insurance companies are pushing hard for for peopl to take care of themselves with various wellness initiatives. For men, on of the biggest is marriage: Marriage Could Save Your Life hattip to:The Point Marriage is also good for the environment However, there are a few downsides. Mercifully, God has granted me a wonderful marriage to… Continue reading Men and Marriage

My Anger Problem

Do I get angry? Yes! Is that a good thing? In retrospect, probably not. Should we encourage people to be angry? NO! (that’s not anger, that’s emphasis) Apparently, some well-meaning (hmm, something about a road…) Christian psychologists are saying it’s okay to be angry. Well, I suppose that in some situations it might be okay.… Continue reading My Anger Problem

A Familial Truth About Government

I am a professor of human biology at Baruch College, City University of New York. I sometimes get involved in discussions with ‘gay’ students on issues of biology and homosexuality, but such discussions have always been respectful and educational. For example, a young ‘gay’ man told me he was opposed to all the hatred directed… Continue reading A Familial Truth About Government