Freedom to Choose…Your Clothes

While I have issues with people’s decisions on what clothes they wear, I have no intention of beating them or killing them. In Iraq, currently, there people being beaten and killed because of the clothes they wear (or don’t wear), and even hairstyles. Now I believe that a community should decide what “decency” is (yes,… Continue reading Freedom to Choose…Your Clothes

Me and Ron Paul

This Ron Paul closing speech was recently posted at Right Mind (Religious Right Boos Ron Paul). I tried to post my entire response to Ron Paul’s speech there, but I guess I wrote too much. Anyways, here is my opinion on the matter. While I agree with Ron Paul’s sentiments regarding limited government, I would… Continue reading Me and Ron Paul

A Return to “Containment”

The recent agreement by the Bush Administration to supply updated military (even if outdated by our standards) to “our” “moderate” Arab “allies” really bothers me. Jim Lobe’s article at Asia Times Online, US arms for Arab authoritarians – again, touches on many of my concerns. My greatest concern that in an attempt to contain one… Continue reading A Return to “Containment”

The U.S.: The SOFT Target

Before the Dems and far too many Republicans, decided that the war they supported is now unsupportable, I would not have considered the U.S. a “soft” target, even during the Clinton years.  However, in comparing the U.S. to other potential targets, perhaps we are soft after all. The Belmont Club: Another Satan Emerges

All Hail the Ostriches in Washington, D.C.!

The Republicans won’t touch this because it would reveal the incompetence of the Bush administration in failing to neutralize the danger of Iraqi WMD. The Democrats won’t touch it because it would show President Bush was right to invade Iraq in the first place. It is an axis of embarrassment. On (what-are-no-longer) Iraq’s WMDs

2006 Election “Fallout”

I’m not sure how I feel about this, in truth. First and foremost, the Republican party lost power in Washington, D.C.. I’m not sure that is a bad thing. I still strongly support the war in Iraq, so on that front, I’m am very worried and disappointed. However, those that think that things will change… Continue reading 2006 Election “Fallout”

“Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

An interesting take on Just War, while I generally think the ARI is pigheaded and wrong, and when I do agree with them, it is because the ARI and I got to the same point going different directions. Read the article by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein in full at The Ayn Rand Institute: Observe… Continue reading “Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense