Freedom to Choose…Your Clothes

While I have issues with people’s decisions on what clothes they wear, I have no intention of beating them or killing them. In Iraq, currently, there people being beaten and killed because of the clothes they wear (or don’t wear), and even hairstyles. Now I believe that a community should decide what “decency” is (yes, that is a discussions in and of itself), but I don’t believe physical harm should occur. Yet, this is exactly what is happening in Iraq. Again, I am no longer as interested in what got us there (bad military intelligence, lies, what have you…), but I do care about leaving Iraq a better place than when we got there. I want our soldiers home. They and their families have sacrificed much (and for even Cindy Sheehan I have thanks, for the wonderful son that she raised, and the sacrifice he made). However, the scars of Vietnam still linger. I believe we need success in Iraq, not only for the Iraqi people (a laudable goal in and of itself), but for ourselves. What is going on in Basra with the fashion-intolerista is insane. That is not a better place. Now, I want to make clear that I suspect that this is not something new, it is just that we are hearing about it.

The original article is at The Kansas City Star website ( archived copy ).
hattip to: The Becket Fund