“Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

An interesting take on Just War, while I generally think the ARI is pigheaded and wrong, and when I do agree with them, it is because the ARI and I got to the same point going different directions.
Read the article by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein in full at The Ayn Rand Institute:

Observe the inversion of justice here. Benevolent, individualistic, life-loving Americans, and death-worshipping, collectivist, nihilistic Arabs—such as the dancing Arabs who celebrated 9/11—are regarded as equally worthy of protection by the American military. The exception is if the American is a soldier and the Arab is a civilian, in which case the Arab’s life is of greater value.

To the extent that Just War Theory is practiced, it leads to unnecessary fear, suffering, and death visited on innocent nations—and to the rise of evil movements and regimes—all while it claims to be virtuous and practical.