Armed and Polite

The Munchkin Wrangler has posted Why the Gun is Civilization. I think I’m getting to the point (Thanks, Allen) to where politics, even the 2nd Amendment, aren’t nearly as important as they used to be. That is not to say that they are unimportant to me, but the longer I walk along the Way, God’s… Continue reading Armed and Polite

Court Acknowledges What Some Of Us New All Along

Court strikes down D.C. ban on guns Appeals Court Says Gun Ban Violates 2nd Amendment The first interesting part of the decision: We are told by the District that the Second Amendment was written in response to fears that the new federal government would disarm the state militias by preventing men from bearing arms while… Continue reading Court Acknowledges What Some Of Us New All Along

2nd Amendment in Iraq

It seems, when reading between the lines, that majority of the Iraqi people are being bullied by the various militias that are running around there. Well, let’s fix that. Not with another assault on some training camp, or stronghold, but with the Iraqi people. I think another error of the Bush Administration is looking at… Continue reading 2nd Amendment in Iraq

The “Dumb and Dumber” Department…

From the “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time” files, here is this week’s “Pierre Salinger Non Compos Mentis” Award for stupid media questions: “Are police worried about vigilantism?” –CBS reporter, Randy Golson, questioning Chattanooga, Tennessee’s police spokesman after a victim of that city’s 45th recent home invasion robbery shot and killed one of the two… Continue reading The “Dumb and Dumber” Department…