The “Dumb and Dumber” Department…

From the “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time” files, here is this week’s “Pierre Salinger Non Compos Mentis” Award for stupid media questions: “Are police worried about vigilantism?” –CBS reporter, Randy Golson, questioning Chattanooga, Tennessee’s police spokesman after a victim of that city’s 45th recent home invasion robbery shot and killed one of the two perpetrators. The police spokesman replied, appropriately, “Protecting your home is not vigilantism. Check the definition.” (And we couldn’t leave this out…. When asked how he felt about shooting the perpetrator, the homeowner responded, “I feel bad. I should have gotten the other one too!”)

Editor’s Note: For some reason, the home invasions in that city came to an abrupt halt….

In other home invasion news, South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon released the following statement last week: “As Chief Prosecutor of South Carolina, I am today declaring open season on home invaders. That season is year-round,” Condon said. “Citizens protecting their homes who use force, even deadly force, will be fully safeguarded under the law of this State and subject to no arrest, charge or prosecution. In South Carolina, would-be intruders should now hear this: invade a home and invite a bullet.”

from The Federalist Dated: 02 Feb 2001