All Of The Holidays With None Of The Religious Stuff

I’m all for the freedom of religion (or free not to believe). In fact, I think the right thing to do would be for governments (you know, where it says in the U.S. Constitution freedom from religion) to provide a number of floating holidays, thus allowing Muslims or Jews, or whatever other religion to take time off for their religious days rather than the Christian ones.

The part that always throws me on that idea, is all those who aren’t Christian (not just atheists, but non-Christian believers in something other than Christianity) who celebrate Christian Holy days. A great example is Richard Dawkins, an atheist celebrity, who has declared himself a cultural Christian (archived copy).

Dawkins’ self-portrayal as a “Cultural Christian” should make all self-avowed Christians even more concerned about “Cultural Christianity.” Perhaps the Church in the Western world should return to its initial state of persecuted.