Even Dumb (or Bad) Movies Can Make You Think

In his review of I Am Legend, Todd Hertz says:

It’s an interesting direction for a movie about the impact of scientific advancement. So what is it saying about science and God? That scientific advances foolishly allow man to play God? Or that science is comparable to that fast car capable of good or evil, depending on the driver?

I like movies that make me ask questions, but the true point of a good movie is to make you think (or at least a factor in what I call a good movie). I don’t like it when movies give you all the answers (except for the fact that if they leave something open, people believe that there should be a sequel). What I find odd is that Mr. Hertz seems to knock the movie for not answering the questions, but then he has questions of the reader at the end of his review, that are not “right or wrong” questions, but questions that encourage thought and discussion.