Government Says Chinese Need More “Spiritual” Content. Say What?

“This shows that the Hubei People’s Radio and Television Station’s propaganda and management abilities have serious flaws which are in urgent need of rectification,” it added.

But the station got away with merely a “criticism,” the statement said, without explaining why the punishment was so light.

Provide more and better spiritual food for the masses,” it added in an admonition to other provincial broadcasters.

from: Reuters: Oddly Enough

Okay, maybe it’s just me but the Communist Chinese government saying that there should be more spiritual content strikes me as totally out of whack, as they do everything they can to repress all spirituality.


  1. I wonder if maybe that’s the result of a translation error or, assuming “spiritual” was the closest English word, it means something altogether different within the context of their culture. Given the PRC’s history of cracking down on metaphysical practice (whether it be Christianity or the more native Buddhism), the statement does seem “whack.”

  2. You could be right, Allen, about it being a translation issue. I hadn’t thought about that. You are also correct that there could be a cultural context that gets lost in translation, but when translated into english, it makes no sense.

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