Tell me, Neuromancer, what does the future hold?

William Gibson, if you are not aware, invented the term cyberspace, and frankly, much of the perceived culture that accompanies it. He foresaw much of what we have today, but he now feels that the future is in such flux that it cannot be predicted. He recently did an interview with that is, to me, a must read.

What I find interesting in this is an underlying feeling of Technological Enervation. I know I’m not the only one that feels this, but I thought it would be those of a more spiritual nature. However, here is someone who is more of the technological bent (although, could be reasonably argued, philosophical as well) feeling the same way.


  1. I was going to add this as a comment to the post on the Porn Myth but realized it was just a link. While not implicitly pornful, I think it illustrates your concept of Technological Enervation writ large.

    Summary: Man spends all of his time with a virtual “wife” in SecondLife, ignoring his Wife in RealLife.

    There’s an air of sensationalism to the piece when really what’s going on here is not much different than other kinds of marriage-destroying obsessions (pool hall, car club, clarinet playing, etc.) Mostly it’s just sad but probably not representative of most SL players.

    Disclaimer: I haven’t yet bought a Cyber Harley. No place to virtually park it.

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