Come to the Lord empty.

There is a great piece written by John Koesler, Eat, Drink, and Be Hungryarchived copy, on Sometimes I wonder if the Beatitudes really say what we think they mean, regardless of that underlying current of though in my own mind, I think this is a wonderful way of looking at the Beatitudes, life in general, and, to me, at the Eucharist.

One thing that did strike me, is this is going back to the holes we try to fill in our lives with things other than God. This of course brings me to my pet topic (“meme”) of Technological Enervation. Perhaps Technological Enervation is just another way of pointing to the same issue.


  1. This might amuse you as a reaction to TE: A no-social social site.

    “NOSO is a real-world platform for temporary disengagement from social networking environments. The NOSO experience offers a unique opportunity to create NO Connections by scheduling NO Events with other NO Friends.”

    “These ‘NO’ events, called NOSOs, take place in designated cafés, parks, libraries, bookstores, and other public spaces. Participants – whose identities remain unknown to one another – agree to arrive at an assigned time and remain alone, quiet and un-connected, while at the same time knowing that another ‘Friend’ is present in the space.”

  2. I am amused, bemused, supportive, and saddened by NOSO. I am amused that in an effort to be an alternative to social networking (which as set out by LinkedIn, MySpace, and FaceBook can be quite stilted, artificial, and overwhelming), this is actual the same behavior acting as the opposite behavior.

    While I understand the desire to rebel against social networking, the basic lack of understanding that this happens everyday whether we want it to or not saddens me. It is only by being open to it (or at least not directly opposing it) that we will ever gain any advantage because of it.

    How much is has to do with TE is questionable? It sounds like a social network of companionable silence, which is a good thing if that is the goal.

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