How we have misunderstood the REAL war…

This is in regards to this article:

Op Eds Now More Central in War than Bullets
by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun [NY Sun title: The West Must Learn The Public Relations of War]
October 17, 2006

Regardless of what you think of Mr. Pipes otherwise, his analysis regarding this aspect is correct. I believe it is what Republicans, and President Bush’s administration in particular (are you listening Karl Rove?), don’t get. I think those who oppose the war get it somewhat, but haven’t learned the self-restraint required.

However, I think Mr. Pipes also has it somewhat wrong as well. Regardless of what those in their towers (whether it be the ivory tower of academia, the gray tower of politics, or the black tower of the press) think of the rest of us, we are quite capable of reading between the lines. Granted, however, that also requires ALL the facts, which politicians and mainstream media (including FoxNews) try spoonfeed us only a few of, be available.

Regarding the facts in question, you can provide factual information, but still lie. A lie by omission is still a lie.