Endarkened By God To Be The Light

If at a certain point she almost does not speak of this night anymore, it is not because it was over, but because she had learned to live within it. Not only had she accepted it, but she recognized the extraordinary grace that it held for her. “I have begun to love my darkness, because I now believe that it is a part, a tiny little part, of the darkness and suffering in which Jesus lived on earth.”

Revisiting the Mystery: The Sanctity of Mother Teresa

The continuing dialog regarding Mother Theresa’s “Dark Night of The Soul” brought out this gem. I think a lot of the mainstream press’ issue is that they do not have the framework to understand. For once, I cannot, and do not, blame them. I am beginning to suspect that much of this has to do with Americanism and Protestantism. A lot of modern, and not so modern, Protestants do not understand mysticism, and promptly put it in the “things we don’t like about Catholicism, Orthodox, and anybody else like that.” There is a seeming lack of understanding just how important mysticism can be to faith.

That being said, mysticism without Biblical guidance can send a person off the path, so this is a worthy concern. Anyways, I don’t really have anything useful to add to the conversation, yet, and I may never have. I do want to bring attention to yet another article that attempts to explain what can be unexplainable.