The Gulf Narrows A Bit

When Pope Benedict was still Cardinal Ratzinger, he was call “God’s Rottweiler” (and also, The Enforcer, Panzerkardinal , Cardinal No, and others). He has been tenacious in guarding the Roman Catholic Church, and trying to balance modern and traditional thought of theology. However, in this news story, and based on his words, those, such as myself, that term themselves “born again” need to keep an open mind about him. Why?

He believes that we need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He also believes that if we have a true relationship with Jesus, we cannot but help to seek a holy life. I am not saying that I am going to become a Roman Catholic, but one of my biggest beefs with many of the denominations (not, noticeably, an issue with the Church of the Nazarene), is that they are so pig-headed (mea culpa: I used to be one of those pig-headed ones) that they cannot see the wisdom that is coming forth from other denominations.