Episcopals Should Relearn Excommunication

Bishop (ret.) Spong has written a book, Jesus for the Non-Religious. Spong has disturbed me greatly for many years, although I do have to thank him (and the Episcopal Church), because he opened my eyes to failures of the Episcopal Church, long before all the hubbub surrounding homosexuality.

Jason Lee Steorts has written a piece, not so much discussing Spong’s book itself, but about Spong’s own failures of faith (although neither Steorts nor Spong name it such). Spong’s words outside of his book, should have caused the Episcopal Church long ago to excommunicate him. Although it is probably too late, they should do it now. The Episcopal Church is in the midst of a crisis, and people so far outside of even today’s Episcopal liberal theology, should not be granted the stature that Spong has, and the Episcopal Church can remove much of that stature by excommunicating a man who is a heretic.

There, I said it. Spong is a heretic. One is supposed to excommunicate the heretics. I could hope that the Episcopal would have some strength remaining, but I don’t. The true bedrock of its strength, faith, is leaving by way of parishes severing their ties to the Episcopal Church, and true to its current path, the Episcopal Church it is doing its best to step on them, and proving that it is now of the world, not of the Word, by legally stealing the property of the parish (who, according to Episcopal rules, HAVE to have the Diocese on the property deed) who have, in good faithful conscience, decided that they can no longer be a part of an organization that insists traveling down the Apostate Freeway.