What and Wherefore

How can someone who has the knowledge that they have been saved in Christ be depressed? Faith is the key. Having faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins is easy, in comparison to living the life that displays that faith.

Someone who hasn”t survived depression cannot fathom it. Too many people confuse this with the “blues”, or with those times when a person is grieving or feeling some type of emotional pain.

Just as life cannot be explained without living it, neither can depression. Analyzing depression from a purely clinical perspective actually limits the true ramifications of it.

The most dangerous perspective to both the individual and the Body of Christ is that , if you are depressed, your faith and your walk with Christ are either a sham, or so shallow that they might as well be a sham.

It is difficult for someone who has not experienced depression to discuss it without appearing condescending.

Why is this important? For many reasons, occurances of depression are increasing. As people become separated physically by technology, true physical community becomes limited. In fact, civic and religious communities are what remain of many communities, and both of these are experiencing decline. That is why, in churches especially, it is critical to reexamine perspectives of depression.