Got Your Back

I have to admit, I’m not one for the whole dream thing. I remember my first foray into dream psychology, and thinking, “really? It’s just a dream.” I also understand that current thinking is that it is the way our brains process the previous day’s activities  into memory. I also have to admit that last nights’ dreams were bouncing all over the place. However, it was the last series of “pictures” that have put me on alert. I was having conversations with people in the midst of uncomfortable public situations (think of those dreams of going to high school without your pants, but worse), acknowledging the fact of the situation, but not allowing the situation to be distracting to the conversation. Then I was having conversations with “ministry partners”. Two strange things about that. Here in Bellevue, I have no ministry partners, per se. The pastor of New Hope Ministries is trying to plug me in, as is the District Superintendent, but it’s not really happening (just a statement, in no ways an accusation). So, to have a dream about working with my (yet to be) ministry partners was odd, to say the least. The other odd (but more funny) part, was that one of the ministry partners was like Jeff Jarvis, which, if you know Jeff Jarvis, is a bit strange. Then I met with the guy who was my primary partner. He said two things. 1) “God has got your back.” Can’t disagree with that. Weird to have that happen in a dream, though. 2) “We need someone who will bring the light to Seattle in this generation.” Okay, that was unexpected, and, frankly, totally out of left field. Did I know it was pointed at me? Yes. Seattle, though? Seattle has Marc Driscoll & Judah Smith. In my own denomination, there is Seattle First & the Church of the Undignified. Of what need am I? This generation?