By God’s Grace…I Will

Julian Freeman over at Christian Thought has a challenge for all Christians, take James 4:13-17 seriously. In 7 Reasons to Say ‘God Willing…’, Freeman speaks of how when we use this phrase, we should become more aware that it is by His grace and mercies that our plans succeed or fail.

I will say that as a “Reformed and Baptist”, Freeman’s take on how God’s graces and mercies fit into predestination, etcetera, are not my view of course, but God does change the course of history to fit into His plan, but without question, it is my hope and desire that my plans will fulfill His plan, and if they don’t, be open and honest with God, and accepting with a servant’s heart.

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  1. Thanks for the link and the kind words about the post. We serve a gracious God indeed, and I’m glad that these thoughts were of some benefit.


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