The Reformed Church in the Reformed Tradition

Because we are in a world now that is not nearly so hierarchical as other generations were, it is possible for your congregation to network laterally with other congregations that are equally faithful. And that is exactly what’s happening in the New Wineskins network of churches, the Confessing Church Network, there are such networks available, and that are very active.

Rev. Parker T. Williamson

(Whitehorse Inn podcast entitled “Broken Covenant”. Originally aired on 30 Mar 08)

I guess we need to be careful to use stereotypes. I suspect (but readily acknowledge that I don’t know) Rev. Williamson is uncomfortable with (if not downright antagonistic towards) the MEECM. What struck me with his comments was that how much it sounded just like many in the MEECM.

This tells me that the “established” church isn’t as clueless as many in the MEECM seem to think.