“Missional” refers to purposeful

In a little ad for a conference of Lifeway Ministries, I pulled out a little tidbit that struck me, especially within the context of the Emerging/Emergent/Missional Church conversations that are being had within the Christian community.

“Missional” refers to purposeful.

I have thought that much of the “missional” discussion seemed off-kilter somehow, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. This almost tossed away phrase (but, really, in the ad and PR world there is, or should be, no such thing) I think puts the emphasis in the right place.

However, what it also does is put into question not a few assumptions about living the “Christian” life as a “reluctant” witness. The emphasis is to go out and make disciples of Christ purposefully.

This does not mean I’m going to blindside you, or harass you, until you convert or run away. Does this mean I won’t pray for you, or try to be an example of someone who is a disciple of Christ (no matter how poorly I do it)? Of course not!

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  1. I think “missional” might be one of those letter arrangements that was wordafied in some kind of useification orgy. By this time next year I’m sure it will begin to appear in dictionaries. Such is the nature of language.

    Back in the day, I remember being told that we had to do “more” to witness; the world couldn’t afford “casual Christians.” I was never sure what I was supposed to do other than grab a soap box and start preaching in the middle of the shopping mall.

    …which I would have done had I become sufficiently bored.

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