War is not pretty and neat, nor is life

Wired has an article that I hope a lot of people pay attention to for many reasons. As a telecommuter, I understand the disassociation that can occur between telecommuter and company, often mere in perception, not reality.

Back when the first Bush was president he started the “downsizing” of “soft”-intelligence work. In other words, removing agents from the field. President Bill Clinton continued the policy, even more aggressively. This is part of the reason for 9/11, but only a small part.

People need people. As much as Second Life replicates people, there is much to be said for being able to have camaraderie in a real physical sense. As virtual reality becomes more like reality (especially in regards to the senses), perhaps then one can know a person through a computer, but who knows, everyone seems to be getting better about their masks (and the seeming need for them), so maybe we don’t really know any one at all.

For this article held few surprises, too bad that it seems to for so many others.