Raid on Jefferson’s Office CONSTITUTIONAL

I’m trying to avoid blogging as it’s a great procrastination tool.  However, the latest news on the District Courts ruling (here is the decision) is the raid on Rep. Jefferson’s office was unconstitutional.  READ THE DECISION FIRST, before writing STUPID, MISLEADING, and flat out WRONG headlines!

Even the dissenting judge ruled that the raid was constitutional (even Jefferson’s attorney didn’t argue that point).  The ruling was strictly on what content was taken.  In fact, when reading the decision (Yes, I actually read it.), the FBI brought in agents that had had nothing previous to do with the case to “filter” through the stuff, and then pass it to the investigators.  Instead of taking (which they could have done) computers, they imaged them (i.e., made digital copies).  They seemed to try their best (as the dissenting judge noted) to NOT interfere with Jefferson’s congressional “duties.”

I don’t question the judicial review of the evidence gathered (it is supposed to be a checks and balances system).  I might question whether they see things the same way as a law enforcement officer might.  On the other hand, with a judge having already gone through the evidence, the FBI may end up with all the chaff stripped away, resulting in a stronger or weaker case.

Oh, well, who said the Associated Press knew what they were doing?