Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory Versus Logic

Dr. S. Fred Singer (Professor Emeritus, Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia) recently outlined the logical flaws being espoused by those who speak of global warming (which is in error, as the recent snowfall in South Africa shows, and thus should be called, “global climate change”) as being caused by man (i.e., anthropogenic).

Part of the problem that these espousers have is the term “global warming”. By insisting on using that term they partially invalidate that which they espouse, because not all places are experiencing warming, but cooling (South Africa Dusted by Rare Snowstorm). If they stuck to “climate change”, they would put themselves on much sounder footing.

However, that being said, I did a report in high school (I wonder if I’ve mentioned this before. If I have, I’m sorry.) on the “Greenhouse Effect”. It was while preparing my report that I learned about the cycle that the earth regularly experiences regarding climate change. In fact, the primary book I used for my report (Let’s see, I believe that I did that report in 1987, so the book I used was older, therefore this has been known for awhile.) stated that we should soon be experiencing warming, as we were on the colder end of the cycle.

Have you ever seen stories on Greenland? Much of their energy is provided geothermally, and the majority of land is covered by snow and ice. Recently, there has been a decrease in the mass of ice on Greenland. However, have you ever wondered why it was called Greenland? Well, it seems as if some Viking warrior decided to cross the North Atlantic, and found a green land perfect for colonizing as it was green, and was the perfect place to grow crops. That means it was warmer 900+ years ago then it is now (or even projected to be based upon some current forecasts of climate change).

I freely admit that I am no climate changed expert, but Dr. S. Fred Singer is. I would also like to point out that neither he nor I are stating that climate change is not occurring. What he and I, and so many others, are saying is that there is no proof of climate change being anthropogenic, but a lot of evidence that this is a natural process.

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  1. Climate Change is really scary, now we have super typhoons and a lot of flooding going on some countries..’;`

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