Nope, he doesn’t quite get it

Each person who can make something with his hands prefers to make something small and concrete rather than uniting with others to change lives.

Vladmir Arkhipov
from:MAKE: Blog: Contemporary Russian folk artifacts

Now, if Mr. Arkhipov were correct, the Christian community in China wouldn’t be expanding at the rate it is. Perhaps those under the U.S.S.R. rule were different, I don’t know. I do know that in a true community of faith, that such a situation would not happen. Such a community would come together stronger, seeking to build each other up. To me, this throw away comment, says more about our materialism than anything else.

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  1. That makes perfect sense. For example, those skilled carpenters who build houses with Habitat for Humanity. Nope, nothing community minded about that. Wha?

    I’m not sure it says as much about materialism per se as it does about a cranky dude who doesn’t want to share.

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