Ignore, him, and he will fade away. Maybe not.

Imus has always been a jerk.  The last few days haven’t changed my opinion.  However, heaping all the publicity on him is doing him GOOD!

Father Jonathan, who blogs at FoxNews.com, has an excellent post discussing the darkest lining (I am talking neither race nor Imus) of this debacle.  This whole situation just goes to bolster my post discussing Pope Benedict’s admonition of the media.

Granted, despite, my post’s title, I know that Imus will not go away, but as Father Jonathan pointed out the worst that will happen is that Imus will get a vacation, and everything will be as it was prior to this.

To the Rutgers team, Ladies, congrats on your title.  You earned it.  Imus cannot take away the success, the trophy, or anything else, unless you let him.