Gotta Love the VA

Mary Katharine Ham’s column today, Veterans on VA: ‘Get the politics outta the system’
Vets vent at national VFW convention, speaks of veterans’ views of the VA, and by proxy, the situation at Walter Reed. The veterans’ views are very similar to those I posited in my post, Welcome to Nationalized Health Care. Sadly, I got it right. While I agree with one veteran quoted, that the VA should be fully funded per their request (not per the president’s budget), I also agree with other veterans quoted, that it won’t do any good.

While, ultimately, I agree with another veteran that it should be a privatized system, which I’m sure it would be better than the VA, however, we are all complaining about the private system. The veteran who said Adam Smith (the gentleman who wrote the Wealth of Nations) should rule is 100% correct, however, as I said in my aforementioned post, and as veterans alluded to, we would need the cooperation of the bureaucrats (and the politicians), and that just isn’t going to happen.