Post-Christ Church, Part II

I think that the post entitled “Post-Christ Church” should have been more correctly “The Post-Savior Church”. However, the Church of England may soon earn the title of the Post-Christ Church, due to their Hindu priest. The part that should, but doesn’t, utterly astound me is that Mr. Hart believes that he is still entitled to his position as an Anglican priest. Why doesn’t this astound me? Because of the raising of people such as Katharine Jefferts Schori, who believe that other paths are equally valid methods of reaching god, which defeats the whole “Good News” thing.

The Church of England now finds itself in, what one would think, need of making a pretty simple decision. Give Mr. Hart (I refuse to call him “Father”, “Reverend”, or “Pastor”, since he has, in my opinion, deserted the faith that imbues those titles) a chance to recant, if he doesn’t, the New Testament, and church law, makes it pretty clear. Kick him out.

The truly sad part is that this was foreseeable. If people such as Katharine Jefferts Schori can lead a “christian” church, why not a Hindu priest.