Congress ‘07-’08

Well, I’ve sat on my keyboard (not literally) long enough since my previous post on the Election. As some may infer from my collection of posts, I’m not all that thrilled with the election results. However, I won’t say that I’m surprised. Nor, frankly, am I surprised that the “Old Guard Media” and the lefties are saying that this was a referendum on Iraq. If Iraq was the only issue, the Republicans would still hold both houses.

“If we can’t communicate, we can’t govern”
-Rep. Mike Pense (as guest on Laura Ingraham‘s show 14 Nov 06)

As much a Karl Rove is viewed as some great political (not conservative, mind you) mind, Rep. Pense’s comment sums up the entire Bush administration, and the Republicans in the House and Senate. If it weren’t for the non-OGM folks, I don’t think the Bush administration would have gotten anything out. I can, by their own admission (I forgot where I read it, but an editor, in his own words, admitted that far too many “journalists” are liberal), put not a small amount of blame on the OGM. However, Republicans (Bush and too many members of the House and Senate) spent so much time fighting the bias (*whine* “why don’t they like us”), that they never came out with a clean, consistent, concise view or recommendation on anything. The Democrats, the OGM, and leftie bloggers, turned up the heat, and they melted.

Do I think that the media was why the Republicans lost? Nope. Do I thing true conservative (not Republican) ideals lost? Not a chance. (Proven by the people who won. “Blue Dog” “conservative” Democrats won against incumbent Republicans). The lack of true leadership caused the Republicans to lose. Also, a failure to believe in the conservative view.

The Democrats are already saying they’ll be the most ethical Congress ever. Their major leader? Nancy Pelosi, a KEY figure in the House Banking Scandal. Henry Reid? Under investigation for “favoritism” that he profited from in land deals. Murtha? Questionably (even by Democrats) close ties to defense contractors. This bodes well for the ethical rudder of this congressional session. Am I saying that all Republicans are clean, and Democrats dirty? Oh, no. However, the new leaders of congress are not the cleanest of the bunch, not by a long shot.

Nancy Pelosi says that she will be bipartisan, unless you’re a Democrat. The most informed Democrat (as acknowledged on both sides of the isle) on the House Intelligence committee will not be given leadership of the committee, because she had the audacity to work WITH (that would be b-i-p-a-r-t-i-s-a-n, Nancy) the Bush administration.

Republicans have to be bipartisan, Democrats don’t. Well, that honeymoon lasted all of five seconds.

The other part of this is that Pelosi and other promised that we would get our troops out of Iraq, NOW! The Friday after the election, Democrats where already dancing another tune. Some were saying we can’t unilaterally pull out of Iraq. Then, probably behind closed doors, the Democratic leadership stared cracking whips, and the original message returned. There is a slight CONSTITUTIONAL (that would be that document that these politicians swear to uphold) issue with that. The President of the United States (after Congress already said “Go!”) commands the military. Not Congress. Of course, they could “stop funding” the war, but I believe that they are already trying to proverbially hang some people for not adequately equipping our service people. Um. Hello? Not funding them IS WORSE than inadequate equipment, because people were too arrogant to FUND THE EQUIPMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE!

I understand opposing the war. I disagree with you, but that’s okay. However, they are there now. You think the loss of life there is bad now, wait until the Democrats prevent them from buying bullets, bullet-proof vests, vehicular armor, food, bandages, or anything else. So, now that they’ve finished using those lives lost to further their political power, what’s a few more. Before you get all bothered at me, this is what the Democrats PROMISED!