Hope for Haiti?

I am very happy that Haiti seems, for the moment, to be back on the road to democracy. My only concern is that the seemingly typical reaction of very poor countries to nationalize everything to “care for the poor”. It always works in the short term, but rarely (if ever) works in the long time. It”s always easy, however.

I can”t say why this strikes me as so important, at least to me. For whatever reason, I”ve paid some attention to Haiti, and have been concerned many times. As much as it pains me, the USA government”s meddling probably contributed to making the situation worse. The problem is patience.

Whether in Haiti, Iraq, or even here in the States, patience seems to be in very short supply. Everyone want everything fixed now. Forming a consensus is a good thing. Granted, however, there is not always the time for it. I hope the new president of Haiti has a consensus to work with.